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EcoAction in WA schools

We’ve been working in WA schools since 2019

EcoAction in WA schools

We’ve been working in WA schools since 2019

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We’re taking action through education

Eco Action empowers the local community with the knowledge to take action to preserve our natural environment. Through environmental education, we strive to support positive change and live in harmony with nature.

Eco Action provides environmental workshops, school education programs, eco art and eco-inspired birthday parties all led by environmental professionals and scientists.

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Our school incursion program is very popular with schools in Western Australia, including primary schools, secondary colleges, and early learning centres.

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“The students in my Year 3, 4, 5, 6 IEC Phase 1 class were fascinated by this incursion. They were thoroughly engaged in examining and holding the creatures. They were so interested in the creatures that we continued talking about them in the classroom doing lots of follow up activities including, making a book and art activities.”

Helen Hopewell, Thornlie Primary School

“Thank you very much for the fantastic incursion on Friday. The children had a wonderful time learning about the minibeasts and getting to hold them. They have loved being outside in our playground with our magnifying glasses, to see what minibeasts they can find!”

Hannah Kolbusz, John XX111 College

“Year 2 students enjoyed a wonderful learning experience with Eco Action Incursions. Students were engaged in the activities and excitedly shared their observations as they enjoyed the opportunity to learn about local flora and fauna. The presenter, Lora Flora, was informative, ensuring that the scientific information provided was relevant to the students’ level of understanding. She also provided feedback as an artist, encouraging students to sketch frogs, spiders, stick insects and local plant life. Thank you for providing this amazing experience.”

Antoinette, St. Simon Peter Catholic Primary School

“Lora Flora from Eco Action came out to our library and presented a Nature Life Drawing session for children aged 6-12.

The kids were fascinated and moved around the tables drawing the different wildlife as they went. Lora assisted and encouraged, pointing out the various attributes of the different fauna to the young artists, sharing her knowledge of all things biological and botanical.

The kids got a lot from this session apart from the drawing – they learnt about the habitat and food of these creatures, and the fact that we must all care for our environment so that these wonderful creatures can survive and thrive.”

Sarah deBeaux, City of Swan Librarian

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